The Debrief: Patient, clinical and steely Blues make big moments count

That being said, it wasn’t just about being more clinical, though, as the chances we created with our more patient approach were also superior to our opponents’, meaning the final score was exactly as the expected goals analysis said it should be.

Blue wall

The expected goals accuracy was helped by a strong performance in defence by Chelsea in Seville, meaning that while Porto had plenty of shots, they mostly came from set-pieces (seven out of 12 shots in total), and four of the remaining five were from outside the penalty area.

It is telling that the player with the highest number of efforts on goal from either side was veteran Porto centre-back Pepe, becoming the oldest player in a Champions League knockout game since Ryan Giggs in 2014, with three attempts, while things were more spread out for the Blues, with all six of our shots coming from different players.

All across the defensive statistics from the game it is the Blues who are on top – more ball recoveries (30), more tackles (12), more interceptions (nine), more shots blocked (four) and more clearances (23).