Tuchel labels Chelsea Cup final performance unlucky and gives view on handball call

Looking at the Chelsea performance part by part, our head coach had no big complaints overall although there were aspects of the attacking play which could have been executed better. But he began by lamenting the Blues’ luck at Wembley.

‘Of course we’re disappointed but we’re not angry, not with our performance and not with our boys,’ Tuchel said.

‘I think this performance in this game is enough to win. Today we were simply unlucky, we’ve never hidden the fact you need luck to win at this level. All the time you needed a certain momentum, you need some little details and decision-making.

‘We defended very well,’ he continued. ‘We were very aggressive on the counter press, we defended high up the pitch, did not allow any counter-chances for one of the most dangerous counter-attacking teams in Europe, and we did not allow any half-chances or any chances.

‘I was absolutely happy with the work-rate and intensity. But some decision-making in the first half was a bit too hectic, we went too straight up front.

‘We wanted to force the solution too fast, we had some unnecessary ball loses and some imprecise decision-making, because we created some two-against-two and three-against-three situations that were more promising than what we made of them.

  ‘We made a chance for Azpilicueta in first half, maybe the biggest chance in the whole game. In the second half we controlled the match even higher and completely in the opponents’ half.

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