Tuchel: We will go to Villa Park in danger but with no fear

Tuchel accepts that is not ideal, but for him it is simply a sign of the depth of quality in the Premier League these days.

‘We want to be in there in the middle of it, not behind that, we want to be in the middle of it from the first day, of course, but there are always reasons for different scenarios,’ he pointed out.

‘Next season’s target is to start good, to improve and to be consistent, because we can produce high-level performances.

‘Don’t get me wrong, you need luck in this game. You need luck with not having injuries, or sometimes getting a result and starting a momentum where maybe it hits the post and it creates the opposite.

‘Next season Leicester, Tottenham and all these clubs will not stop fighting for a place in top four. Everybody wants to be safe, ideally some days before the last day in the league but you never know what can happen. You have to adapt if difficulties come up.

‘We needed to respond to adversity and to difficulties, and we will try to iron out these big difficulties. I cannot promise we can do so, but we will try.’

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