‘I started as a striker!’ – Andreas Christensen on his Denmark days and dad’s influence

I can’t really remember a time when football wasn’t part of my life. I started when I was four, and my dad started up a football team locally.
That’s probably the first memory I’ve got of my childhood, actually. It’s just football.

My dad was a professional goalkeeper in Denmark. In fact, when Peter Schmeichel went to Man United, Brøndby brought in my dad. Schmeichel went, and he came in.

He stopped playing when they had me. As soon as I was born, he retired because I think he wanted to be there with the family. So I didn’t get to see him play, but I’ve heard stories and seen pictures, and he’s got a lot of shirts from his career.

We played together all the time. We lived in a green area and there was quite a lot of space, so we’d get a bit of fence and build it a little bit higher at one point to make a goal. Then, he would go in goal and I would just shoot, so we spent some time together doing what we both love – football.