Bruce Buck and Mayor of London welcome thousands getting Covid-19 vaccine at Stamford Bridge

‘We have a good relationship with the community, with Hammersmith and Fulham Council. We’ve had very good relationships for many years with the hospitals in this area. We recognise that as a football club we have an obligation to help our community and we do everything we can.’

Buck also explained why Chelsea’s facilities and experience managing crowds helped make the pop-up vaccination centre at Stamford Bridge such a big success.

‘We have the kind of venue that is suitable for this, we have experience of moving people around efficiently in an organised way and we’re committed to doing a really good job working with the NHS, today, as we have done in the last year and as we will do in the future. So we’re perfectly suited to doing this.

‘This is just one of many things we’ve done over the last year and a bit, including providing hundreds of hotel rooms to NHS staff, thousands of lunches, working with mental health, working against domestic abuse. We’re part of this community, we’re in a difficult time now and we’re trying to do everything we can to help things.’

Pictures courtesy of James O Jenkins