Christensen on a timely Denmark win, a rare but brilliant goal and his big-eared celebration

‘We tried to start strong, as we did against Belgium, but we knew very well that because they might take a draw, they would be difficult to open up,’ explained Christensen.

‘It was about having patience without playing slowly. It was maybe a little too slow in the first half but as soon as it opened up, we showed our quality. In the end, the right team won.’

The 25-year-old’s own stunning strike was his first goal in three-and-a-half years, a rising effort from over 30 yards out that flew through the air and crashed into the back of the net.

‘I don’t think the keeper could see anything because he didn’t really manage to react,’ he claimed. ‘I was just trying to keep the ball down and it worked so it looks really good! Of course, I’m incredibly happy with the goal and happy that I could contribute to the team’s victory.’

Explaining the celebration that followed, which involved team-mates pulling their ears to mimic the Champions League trophy, Christensen said: ‘It’s an inside joke that runs a bit with me because I won the trophy with the big ears.’