First Words: Lauren James

How do you think you have developed in recent years?

Physically I’ve come on a lot. The last time Emma saw me, I was in the Under-12s and I was a very little, slight girl. I’ve come on in that side, and with skills too, I feel I’ve come on a lot.

How strong do you feel the WSL is at the moment?

Every year it is getting stronger. The transfers to the top teams, players moving all over and I think this year will be very interesting.

How strong do you think this current group are?

The bench is just as strong as the starting 11. When I’ve come and played here against Chelsea, you couldn’t write it off. You don’t know who is going to play, and whoever plays, you know they are all good.

Do you need that competition throughout as an elite player?

The strength in depth within the team is always good to have because there are always a lot of games, a lot of competitions and it also makes you a better player with the more competition for places.

What does it mean to be joining a club that has reached the Champions League final with both the women’s and men’s teams?

It’s great. The club have great ambitions, they always want to win trophies, it’s part of the DNA here. I’m looking forward to joining and hopefully we can get the Champions League this year.