Berger talks new contract with Erin Cuthbert

Emma said last season that you are one of the best goalkeepers in the world, what’s it like to hear your boss say that?

It’s nice to hear. I still don’t feel that way because there are a lot of good goalkeepers out there. If a manager tells you that or tells the media, for me and my confidence, it plays a huge part.

You’ve been here for two years now, how do you feel you have developed as a goalkeeper during that time?

I’ve improved with a lot of different things. With Stuart [Searle], he helps me a lot. In small areas, I thought I was good, but he actually gave me more percentage in every single area, both as a goalkeeper and as a person. The last two years, I’ve improved quite a lot and I was surprised that I could improve that much.

Last season was a successful one, how do you reflect on last season now you have had some time away?

We had a really good season and I’m proud of what we did. With the Champions League, it was a little bit bitter and sweet, but it was a good feeling. I know now where we need to be, so I’ve got more hungry to get the big trophy.