Thomas Tuchel: Ask Me Anything!

Siddharth S – What’s the most peculiar thing you’ve noticed in England?

I’ve seen a lot of people here running a lot, playing sports like crazy and even my own staff at Cobham, they are all into running. They do 10, 11, 12 even 13k each day which is just fantastic. I’m an okay runner but compared to these guys, I’m a slow runner, one of the slowest in the building and I cannot keep up! Maybe I should start eating beans for breakfast, which seems a little strange for me as a German, but it’s what a lot of people here do!

Souvik B – Every manager has a nickname but which nickname would you choose for yourself?

Haha! I can’t give myself a nickname, I think that’s too much of a show-off, but lots of people here call me TT when they see the initials on my training kit. I’m happy with people calling me TT, so I’ll stick with that.