Tuchel on Mount: ‘Sometimes it’s very hard to leave him out’

‘I would be more concerned if his face was straight and you feel some fatigue also mentally, but I don’t feel it. We are happy that he’s here and we will be careful like always with him.’

He further underlined the fact that he will only select a player if he believes they are in the correct physical and mental condition to produce their best, although the flip side of that means he expects nothing less from them every time they are in the line-up.

‘Once we decide to let him play, we have to not already have the reason maybe why he does not play so good. If we have this reason before, because he’s maybe overloaded or played too many games, we should not make him play.

‘If we make him play, everybody – himself, me, the staff – is convinced that he’s perfectly fit and he’s ready to play, and then we judge him on the same level like always. That’s life at a top club. You can never rest, you can never look back and you have to deliver. It’s a good life, actually, and the guys are used to it.’