Lukaku on the next steps for football in tackling discrimination and the importance of making a statement

Lukaku has welcomed Chelsea’s latest initiative as part of our No To Hate campaign, which is the launch of a photo competition inviting fans worldwide to help demonstrate how sport can be a unifying force in society.

‘It’s very important that we as a club can make a statement and take a position because a lot of people look at us for this,’ he continued. ‘We have to take a very strong position against discrimination of all forms and hopefully it can inspire other teams to do the same.

‘From the owner to us players, we’re really putting out a statement that stuff like that should not be tolerated because in our team we have a lot of players that represent the club – different nationalities, different skin colours, different religions, and also in the women’s team where it’s the same.

‘As a club, we should be an example and basically say that whenever a form of discrimination is happening, we’re going to take a strong position and prosecute everything that is happening in the stands.’