‘Mendy has paved the way for black goalkeepers’

After discussing their path to becoming goalkeepers, and Mendy’s move to Chelsea a year ago, the 27-year-old Vigouroux explained why our keeper’s rise to the very top of the game has been so uplifting.

‘In the league I play in, there are not many black goalkeepers,’ said Vigouroux. ‘Maybe six or seven in 24 teams. It’s even less in the Premier League.

‘I just wanted to say from me, to see what you’re doing is very inspirational. We see you winning the Champions League and we can look to you as a reference point, to try and be more like you, and play more like you, and black out there are a lot of black goalkeepers who don’t play.

‘A lot of kids when they are young, they don’t want to play in goal, especially young black kids, so it’s very inspirational what you’re doing and we hope you continue.’