Bright urges Blues to remain ruthless for intense Man City challenge

And Bright, 28, said there can be no let up or complacency when we take on City.

‘The FA Cup win is irrelevant,’ Bright said. ‘It was a great win but we know City are a top team and they will bounce back. They will not just roll over and let the same thing happen.

‘We are expecting a different game. It will be intense. We are certainly not relying on the last performance. We are even more prepared.’

A key part of our fine form is the quality that runs throughout the squad, according to Bright.

‘The form has been excellent and we have shown our squad depth,’ she added. ‘Keeping everyone fresh when you are playing in all competitions is vital and we have really done that. The girls that have come in have really played their part.

‘The standards in training can be higher than when we play. Keeping that competitiveness in training is vital because when it comes to game day, everyone is ready.

‘The attacking talent is scary. It’s not nice in training! The squad is incredible. Emma has trust in every single player and everyone feels valued. That’s the strongest thing we have at Chelsea. Emma is always pushing us and demanding we get better day in, day out.’