Pulisic on battling impatience and pain on the road to recovery

Pulisic knows that competition is fierce but he praised the humble and hard-working nature of his team-mates, insisting that collective spirit makes it easier to stay level-headed whether you’re in or out of the side.

‘That’s another thing that makes this team really special,’ he stated. ‘There’s really nobody with egos who, if they aren’t playing one week, they throw a fit and they’re upset.

‘There are so many games and everyone has an important place in this team. Of course, we always want to be on the field, that’s who we are as athletes and competitors. We always want to be the ones playing so we push and fight as hard as we can to put ourselves in that position.

‘But at the same time, if you’re not chosen that week, it’s then about being ready to come on in the game, training harder and getting ready for the next one. That’s really what it’s all about.’