Petr Cech column: We are worthy Club of the Year winners and it’s a credit to everyone

It’s the people behind the scenes who do the service for the teams and who work hard every day, the people who the fans have never heard of but they do everything in their ability to support the teams and the club to have that success.

It’s recognition for everyone and the players really are the icing on the cake. Of course, they are also the decisive factor in whether we are successful or not but all these people behind the scenes have to make their effort to make everything possible so it’s a great achievement for everyone.

Above and beyond

At Watford it was a very demanding game for the medical team, not only on the pitch with a few clashes and an injury and they were constantly coming on, but also with the incident in the stand where our doctors were quickly there and they helped to save the life of the fan.

This is what it’s all about, that everybody is ready when needed and it’s nice to know that you have people around you who can always find solutions for problems.