10 Questions with… Mason Mount – Christmas Day Special

As it’s Christmas, let’s talk about life as a footballer at this time of year. You used to have a two-week break when you were in the Academy but there are no such luxuries in senior football…

I used to really enjoy that little period where we could go home, spend time with the family and just have a break. When you get to a certain age, that just stops, although when I went on loan to Vitesse we actually had a winter break so I was able to come home to see everyone and spend it at home so that was really good.

That doesn’t happen in England but this is my third season at Chelsea now so you are used to it, even though it doesn’t make it any easier. We’ll be staying at a hotel on Christmas Day this year so it’s not something you really enjoy because you want to spend the day with your family but that’s the industry we’re in and the job we’ve got. Most importantly, we know that there are three points on the line on Boxing Day so we have to be prepared.

At least you’ll have some time with your families on Christmas morning…

The game is away this year so we have the morning with our families and then we’ll meet up later in the afternoon for training before we travel to Birmingham for the Villa game. It gives us a chance to celebrate it together as a team, like the big family we are, like we did last year and then hopefully we get the three points the next day.

My brother, sister and my niece will all be coming up in the morning to join me and my parents so to spend it with them, particularly my little niece, will be nice. It’s a special time of year and to see her face when she’s opening presents does make you very happy. I’m looking forward to that!