Tuchel on half-time chat with Lukaku and two new injured players

The team in general overcame adversity in dealing with the potentially demoralising way they went behind in the game to dominate, in the second half especially.

‘It was a very big win,’ acknowledged Tuchel. ‘The boys are super tired. The effort was huge. We had a bit of a rough start, we were not sharp enough, I had the feeling we tried to get away with skilful play but there was a last per cent missing in sharpness and in intensive effort. Still, we did not allow [Villa] too much but then we go behind with an own goal and a very unlucky goal, but the reaction was good in first half and second half, even better.

‘After our second goal we struggled a bit for 10 minutes with a reaction from Aston Villa but then controlled the match again and had big chances in counter-attack. We are super happy with this.’

It was not all good news though as Thiago Silva and N’Golo Kante came off with injuries in the second half and are unlikely to feature against Brighton on Wednesday.

‘N’Golo is very painful on exactly the same spot where he had his injury versus Juventus,’ reported the head coach. ‘Thiago came off with hamstrings, hopefully he went out before it became an injury. From there we try to continue and find a new squad and strong squad on Wednesday.’