Petr Cech column: My review of 2021 – the ups, the downs, the triumphs and the tribulations

It was not disappointing for the girls not to make the last step in the final, but it’s been a great year regardless with all the success they had.

Let’s not forget as well the club were recognised as the Club of the Year, and we collected some individual recognitions as well. It’s been a great year for Chelsea Football Club, and hopefully going to 2022 we turn the corner with Covid and can look forward to plenty of things, like the Club World Cup and another League Cup semi-final.

Epitome of our strength and solidarity

When thinking about my own highlights, I can’t look past the obvious ones. What stands out is the Champions League final and the Super Cup. The Champions League final was really hard, but we scored and saw the game through, which was hugely satisfying. We really deserved to win the Champions League on the back of every game and every round we negotiated. We won the group, and then in every knockout round we were the better team. That was what was special. It felt like we were unbeatable in that competition.

The one thing that really showed the solidarity and strength of the group was the Super Cup. With all the difficulties of not being able to have a normal pre-season, people come back at different times and really late, some players got a chance to be part of the team and show what they can do.