Tuchel on immense response in brilliant game and latest on Lukaku

‘I’m not a fan of early red cards and I’m a big fan of Mane because he’s a top guy and fantastic player, but I’m sorry – it was simply a red card,’ he stated.

The big news an hour earlier than that controversial incident was a team announcement missing Romelu Lukaku.

Pre kick-off Tuchel explained he had left the striker out due to ‘too much noise’ around the reporting of an interview the striker had given to Italian TV, which was distracting from the focus on the Liverpool game.

‘It is not Chelsea-like but it’s also not the worst thing in the world and it’s not the first time that an interview out there causes some noise that nobody needs,’ Tuchel added after the game.

‘I don’t feel personally attacked. I don’t feel personally angry but the noise was too big on Friday. We took the decision to delay the decision, also to protect Romelu from a rash decision, because we need to speak, we need to read the full interview, to stay calm and not lose our head. It was simply the decision to protect the preparation for a match like this. So it was clear he will not be in the squad, he will not play, and from there on there was a bit more focus to play a match like this.’