The Young Generation: New year, new ambition as Bath promises to go again

‘If there are three words or phrases I can use to describe this initiative, they would be progressive, innovative and go again. Within this initiative, there will be exciting projects and programmes going forward at the club which will focus on delivering elite development, revolutionising the way in which prospects are identified.

‘In the next five to 10 years, a clear set of unique objectives will be set per year from a football and education perspective; essentially a performance plan which seeks to ensure we do not rest on our laurels and propels us ahead of the field once again.’

The past two years have taught us to be prepared for all eventualities and Bath pays particular tribute to those who have kept the Academy programme running at Cobham throughout the lockdowns, protocols and ever-changing landscape of the post-pandemic world.

‘With the emergence of Covid-19, life has been challenging,’ he added. ‘The stop-start nature of the year with the different training schedules, the adaptation required across the sites, it can only be achieved with understanding individuals.

‘The parents, staff and players deserve a massive amount of credit for making each other’s lives easier. We hope that we can soon get back to normal but until then we will continue to strive to do the best we can in the situation that we are in.’