Chelsea FC to promote feature film Equiano.Stories premiering on Instagram

‘We are proud to partner with Stelo Stories and the DuSable Museum of African American History to tell the story of Olaudah Equiano,’ said Chelsea Chairman, Bruce Buck.

‘At Chelsea FC, we know that education is key in understanding our history. Learning from our past can empower us to stand up against hatred, racism and injustice in the world today. We are committed to using football as a tool to educate our audiences, harnessing the power of sport as a force for good.’

Chelsea FC is asking fans to follow @Equiano.Stories to meet 11-year-old Equiano and watch his story unfold as he posts about 400 individual stories, totaling 80 minutes of content, over the first 48 hours of the film’s release. Just like today’s Instagram influencers, Equiano will share moments of his day — from a carefree boy in his village with his loving family and rich culture, to the fear and confusion of being kidnapped, up to the harrowing experience of life aboard a slave ship. Equiano.Stories is focused on Equiano’s childhood story to connect him with today’s youth.

‘Stelo Stories shares historical stories with our audiences by meeting them where they already are – on their phones and on social,’ said Stelo Stories co-founders, sisters Adi and Maya Kochavi. ‘The story starts with a vibrant young man who is not so unlike today’s youth – he loves dancing, running through his neighborhood and hanging out with his friends. Equiano.Stories paints a vivid portrait of a history that starts with freedom.’