Thiago Silva on sacrifices, football smartness and Kante’s significance

‘I run more from one side to the other, even as part of a back three, but often I win the ball back because these players put good pressure on the opponent in possession.’

Norwich are the league’s bottom side and were beaten 7-0 earlier in the season at Stamford Bridge. However, Thiago Silva is adamant league position and points matter little when preparing for a game in the Premier League.

‘It’s not like we motivate ourselves for specific opponents,’ he added. ‘Regardless of who we face, we’re motivated because we’re representing Chelsea, fighting to win trophies and win games.

‘We don’t look at our opponents to see how many points they’ve got or where they are in the league. Regardless of whether we’re playing them or Liverpool or Manchester City, we always think about working to win games. That’s our motivation and the approach we need to take.

‘It was the same for the FA Cup game recently [against Luton Town]. We faced a second-tier side who caused us a lot of problems so we don’t judge our opponents based on where they are in the league.’