The Footballers With the Best Conversion Rate Since the 2012/13 Season

It’s hard to put into words just how important having a good striker is. A prolific marksman can be the difference between success and failure, and we have seen so many top teams fail because they were missing an elite striker.

​The best forwards are those who can score plenty of goals from minimal opportunities – those who can fire their team to glory with just one chance.

Now, ​Opta have compiled a list of the most reliable strikers from Europe’s top five leagues since the 2012/13 season, ranking their goalscoring pedigree in both league and European competition (but ignoring penalties), and new Monaco signing Wissam Ben Yedder sits atop the standings.


During his time with both Toulouse and Sevilla, Ben Yedder racked up an impressive 106 goals from just 538 shots in that time period, so 19.7% of his efforts managed to find the back of the net.

That ratio sees him finish ahead of Paris Saint-Germain’s ​Edinson Cavani, whose record of 169 goals from 884 shots earns him a conversion rate of 19.1%. ​Arsenal’s ​Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang managed to finish on the same percentage, having scored 165 of his 866 shots.

​Inter’s ​Mauro Icardi came in fourth, having scored 109 goals from just 577 shots to finish with a rate of 18.9%. Players of that pedigree don’t hit the market too often, so it’s easy to see why so many sides are pursuing the Argentine this summer.

Mauro Icardi

Next up is ​Diego Costa of ​Atletico Madrid, who scored goals at a rate of 18.7%. The Spaniard finished level with ​Lionel Messi, who actually netted the most goals out of anyone on the list. His 275 goals is well ahead of the rest, but the fact it took him 1473 shots means he falls to sixth on the list.

​Alexandre Lacazette (18.6%), ​Karim Benzema (18.3%), ​Luis Suarez (18.1%) and Robert Lewandowski (17.2%) round out the top ten, meaning there is no place for ​Juventus star ​Cristiano Ronaldo.


The Portuguese international actually finished 20th on the list. Ronaldo racked up 1880 shots – far more than anyone else – but his return of 254 goals means he finished with a conversion rate of 13.5%.


90min’s Definitive European Power Rankings: Week 2

Following a week in which: 


Borussia Dortmund won 5-1. 


[Cutting in] I’d consider myself a realist, alright? But in philosophical terms I’m what’s called a pessimist.


Liverpool won 2-1. 


[Cutting in] You’re trapped by that nightmare you keep waking up into.


Atletico Madrid won 1-0. 


[Cutting in] I think the honourable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing. Walk hand in hand into extinction. One last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.


Jesus Rust, please stop.

We at 90min rank the top 15 teams in Europe using quotes from the ever soul crushingly pessimistic Rust Cohle and the rest of the gang from the loveable family sitcom True Detective, season one.

15) Sheffield United (New Entry) 

George Baldock,Phil Jagielka

“I’m not racing to a red light.”

Every single person in the world predicted that Sheffield United would go straight back down to the Championship this season, finishing 20th with a record breaking five points tallied up after 38 games.


Don’t lie! We all did!  

That in mind, you can say that their weekend win over Crystal Palace, and four points from their first two games, has come as somewhat of a shock. Maybe, just maybe, everyone was wrong, and maybe, just maybe, Sheffield United are racing to safety rather than relegation. 

14) Olympiacos (New Entry) 


Top-notch walk this morning. Top-notch constitutional. It’s been weeks since I left my mark…would that they had eyes to see.”

Top-notch stuff from Olympiacos this week as they turned on the style to beat Krasnodar in the first leg of their Champions League play-off. 

Top-notch performance from a top-notch football team; making their mark on the biggest stage of them all.


13) VfL Wolfsburg (New Entry) 

Maximilian Arnold,John Anthony Brooks

“Just a regular type dude”

VfL Wolfsburg kick-started their 2019/20 Bundesliga campaign in a similar fashion to how they finished their 2018/19 Bundesliga campaign: by winning.

Sure, it wasn’t as emphatic as their 8-1 victory over Augsburg, but three points are three points, and the win over Koln was the perfect start to what promises to be a pretty exciting season for the VW lovers. 

12) Atletico Madrid (New Entry) 

Joao Felix,Bruno

“Exact same thing they do now. Just out in the open.”

We’d heard he was the second coming. We’d seen the odd clip on Twitter. We’d read a few crazily impressive stats. But let’s face it, no one really watches the Primeira Liga, so no one had really seen Joao Felix play before this past weekend.

When we all did, we were shocked AT HOW GOOD THIS CHILD IS AT FOOTBALL.

At the age of four, Felix might already be the best footballer of all time. 

11) Wolves (Up 4) 

Ruben Neves

“You know, I’ve seen all the different types. We all fit a certain category – the bully, the charmer, the, uh, surrogate dad, the man possessed by ungovernable rage, the brain – and any of those types could be a good detective, and any of those types could be an incompetent sh*theel.”

You know, I’ve seen all the different types. They all fit a certain category – the ‘big six’ side, the hipster’s choice, the uh, team with the fugly kit, the team possessed by an ungovernable desire to win the Champions League (Juventus), the financially sound club. 

Wolves are currently the hipster’s choice, but after Ruben Neves (Football Manager Demi-God – hence the hipster’s choice categorisation) rifled the ball into the roof of David de Gea’s net on Monday night, it was abundantly clear that Santo’s team are on the brink of breaking the glass ceiling and becoming a ‘big six’ side.

10) Athletic Club (New Entry)

Aritz Aduriz

Get on out of here, you’re classin’ the place up.”

Aritz Aduriz get on out of here, you’re classin’ the place up with your incredible feats of athleticism, your incredible goalscoring ability, your incredible ability to defy time, roll back the years AND SCORE OVERHEAD KICKS AT THE AGE OF 38.

9) Olympique Lyonnais (Up 1) 


I was steady.”

Played: 2

Won: 2

Drew: 0

Lost: 0

Goals Scored: 9

Goals Conceded: 0

It’s fair to say that Lyon have enjoyed a pretty perfect start to their Ligue 1 campaign; made all the more perfect by Paris Saint-Germain’s insistence on dropping points at home to Rennes. 

8) Manchester United (Down 4) 

West Ham United v Fulham FC - Premier League

Is sh*tting on any moment of decency part of your job description?”

Yeah, Gary it probably wasn’t a good idea to lead a wholly unnecessary tirade against a footballer for missing a penalty which would then lead to racial abuse for said player online.

Yeah, that probably wasn’t a good idea.

7) Real Madrid (New Entry) 

Zinedine Zidane

“This is a world where nothing is solved. You know, someone once told me time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.”

Time is a flat circle.

​Real Madrid were once great and they are seemingly great once again (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but a necessary one for the bit). 

They will be great over and over and over again. 

6) Rennes (New Entry) 


“I’m not supposed to be here.”

Rennes aren’t supposed to be here. 

Someone born in 2002 isn’t supposed to be playing professional football in the French top flight. 

Paris Saint-Germain aren’t supposed to drop points.

And yet here we are.

Rennes are sixth in the Definitive European Power Rankings.

Eduardo Camavinga is making us all feel old.

And Paris Saint-Germain are dropping points.

It’s a weird world.

5) RB Leipzig (New Entry) 

Timo Werner

“I know who I am. And after all these years, there’s a victory in that.”

The rest of Germany may hate them – really, really, really hate them – but credit where it’s due: RB Leipzig know who they are.

Unlike a lot of other clubs, RB Leipzig have a plan, and with the probable retention of Timo Werner, the array of exciting young talent at the club and the appointment of boy-wonder Julian Nagelsmann, it looks as like they’re sticking to it. 

There’s a victory in that. 

4) Manchester City (Down 2) 


“You figure it’s all a scam, huh? All them folks? They just wrong?”

1 like = 1 tear. 

Pour one out for ​Manchester City, the holders of the domestic treble who feel that, despite VAR helping the referee to make the right decision, the sky is falling in on them. 

Life isn’t fair…even if it is… 

3) Tottenham Hotspur (-) 


“Once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light’s winning.”

Do you know what’s great? 


Do you know why? 

Because on Saturday evening Tottenham Hotspur were so nearly robbed of a point at the Etihad Stadium, but weren’t, because VAR came to the aid of the referee to disallow Gabriel Jesus’ last minute goal. 

That’s great.

2) Borussia Dortmund (New Entry) 

Julian Brandt

Every time I think you’ve hit a ceiling, you, you keep raising the bar.” 

Last season on 90min’s Definitive European Power Rankings, Wilf Dutton and I declared that Borussia Dortmund were ‘must watch tv’. 

This season, with the signings of Julian Brandt and Thorgan Hazard, Borussia Dortmund are not just ‘must watch tv’, but ‘absolutely must watch, under no circumstances – not even the birth your first child – can you afford to miss tv’.

BVB are getting better, and better, and better.

1) Liverpool (-) 

Sadio Mane

Nothing changes.”

The win over Southampton wasn’t very impressive; as they just about beat them.

But a win’s a win, therefore nothing’s changed.

​Liverpool are top of the Premier League, the current Champions League holders and – most importantly – top of 90min’s Definitive European Power Rankings.


FIFA 20 Career Mode Transfer Budgets for All Top European Leagues Revealed

The budgets for every club in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and more on the upcoming FIFA 20 Career Mode have been revealed.

Courtesy of Twitter user FifaCMTips, the eagerly anticipated transfer window budgets for all the top sides across Europe and beyond have been revealed. FifaCMTips, who unveiled the news on Twitter, started with the Premier League, where it is Manchester United who best the rest with a whopping £167,488,480 at their disposal.

Closely behind them are crosstown rivals, and domestic treble-winners, Manchester City, who boast an admirable £167,020,320 in their accounts.

There is then a dramatic dip, with Champions League winners Liverpool boasting a modest £97m, followed by Europa League winners (and famed transfer absconders) Chelsea on £86m. 

North London rivals Tottenham and Arsenal are behind them on £72m and £69m respectively, while new boys Sheffield United bring up the rear with an oh-so modest sum of £17m, £3m less than the club-record fee they paid for Oli McBurnie IRL.

Over in Serie A, it is unsurprisingly the all-conquering Juventus who sit smugly atop the Italian financial field, with a treasury of £103m, with their Derby d’Italia rivals Inter the closest competition on £48m. Napoli sit behind them on £44m, with Roma right on their rear with £37m and the Nerazzurri’s Milanese rivals AC forced to contend with just £35m.

Over in Germany, it is, yes, Bayern Munich who lead the way, with their coffers capping out at £124m. Borussia Dortmund, meanwhile, can boast a decent £65m.

In Espana, El Careerico is narrowly won by Real Madrid, who have £169,610,000 to Barcelona’s £169,074,000, which makes all the difference. As for plucky Atletico Madrid, they will have to make do with just £61m.

In Ligue 1, well, need I say anything except Paris Saint-Germain? Okay, fine. £165,960,000. For the rest, you’ll have to go here. It’s a sorry sight. Oh, and if you’re hankering for the Colombian Liga Dimayor, or the Irish SSE Airtricity League, they have that too…except for fans of Derry City (you guys deserve some special treatment), your club’s transfer budget is £631,000.


Real Madrid Send Club Official to Paris for Neymar Talks to Rival Barcelona Bid

Real Madrid have suddenly emerged as major suitors for unsettled Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar, with reports from Spain claiming that an emissary from the club has travelled to the French capital in order to lay the groundwork for a possible transfer.

Real have long had a fascination with Neymar and have tried to sign him many times over the years, starting when he was first invited to visit Madrid at the age of just 13 in 2006.


Barcelona eventually won the battle to bring the player to Europe from his native Brazil in 2013. The Catalans then lost him to PSG for a world record €222m two years ago, but have been locked in negotiations over a deal to take him back to Camp Nou for several weeks.

90min understands that Real could offer striker Karim Benzema as part of their attempt to sign Neymar. The 31-year-old Frenchman, who hasn’t played club football in his homeland since joining Real from Lyon in 2009, had one of his best individual seasons in 2018/19.

Primary PSG striker Edinson Cavani, now 32 years of age, has been linked with a move to the United States to join David Beckham’s new Inter Miami team, due to join MLS in 2020. Benzema could therefore be a welcome replacement as PSG look to move on from the Uruguayan.

Karim Benzema

It had been thought that Real had at last shelved any remaining interest in Neymar, instead favouring a move for his younger PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe next year. But that may not necessarily be the case as Marca alleges Los Blancos have sent someone to Paris.

The identity of the figure is not revealed, but they are said to be someone who holds a meaningful position at the Bernabeu. No fee is mentioned, but Marca claims that Real are optimistic in the early stages, without having yet discussed exact details and numbers with PSG.

Apparently the 13-time European champions believe PSG will do business with them because contact via telephone so far has been positive.

There is also the opportunity to capitalise on Barcelona’s struggles to reach a satisfactory agreement of their own. Earlier this week it was reported that Barcelona and PSG had rejected each other’s proposals – that included PSG asking for Ousmane Dembele and Nelson Semedo plus €100m. The reigning Spanish champions do not wish to see Dembele leave the club.

Ousmane Dembele

The latest gossip suggests Barcelona are considering a two-year loan deal with an obligation to buy. This is after a one-year loan with a non-binding €150m purchase option was rebuffed.

Juventus have also been linked with Neymar, meaning this one could drag on and on until the European transfer deadline strikes on 2 September. The Italian deadline has been put back in line with the rest of the continent after originally being thought to be 23 August.


Real Madrid: The XI That Should Start Against Real Valladolid

​Real Madrid play their first home match of the 2019/20 season on Saturday as they play host to Real Valladolid.

Zinedine Zidane will demand nothing less than a win against a side that finished two places above the relegation zone last term, while the Bernabeu crowd won’t be satisfied unless the visitors are put to the sword by a revamped Los Blancos outfit.

Zinedine Zidane

Heavy investments were made during the summer to breathe new life into a weary squad that fell way short of expectations. No silverware was added to the cabinet, though painful memories were etched into the minds of supporters and players alike; the latter must ensure those ghosts are laid to rest.

Here’s how ​Madrid should line up to continue their encouraging start to the campaign.

Goalkeeper & Defenders


Thibaut Courtois (GK) – Though he lost his place in the starting lineup midway through last season, the Belgian has once again been handed the gloves as Zidane aims to make 2018/19 a distant memory. The coach has made his decision and it is only logical that he sticks with it.

Alvaro Odriozola (RB) – The definition of a modern full-back, Odriozola provides the searing pace and crossing accuracy that allows Madrid’s forwards to push inside and pressurise opponents. The 23-year-old is reliable, highly-capable and has the steady mind-set needed to cope with heavy scrutiny from the fans.

Raphael Varane (CB) – When people debate who is the best centre-back in the world, Varane is regularly mentioned. It’s extremely difficult to find a fault in his game.

Eder Militao (CB) – It is no disrespect to Valladolid to say the hosts should take victory at a canter. That makes it the ideal time to blood the £40m signing, who is yet to be given his competitive debut by Zidane.

Ferland Mendy (LB) – Just like Militao, new left-back Mendy must be eased into the team. Selecting him for Saturday’s game is low risk for two reasons: the opposition are very beatable and there is plenty of time to recover should Los Blancos stumble to a shock defeat.


Isco - Soccer Player

Casemiro (CM) – The Brazilian has a tireless engine and a mean tackle, yet can also spray the ball about like his nationality would suggest. With Casemiro guarding the backline, any Valladolid counters should be shut down before they truly begin.

Toni Kroos (CM) – Regardless of who you’re playing against, you always know what you’ll get from Kroos: incisive passing and control in the centre of the pitch. That combination should both keep the visitors’ possession to a minimum and aid in carving out opportunities.

Isco (CAM) – Luka Modric was evidently flagging for much of last year, with all three of Real’s managers placing a heavy workload on the Croat’s shoulders. To keep him fresh for heavyweight match-ups, playmaking duties should be handed to Isco for games such as this.



Gareth Bale (RW) – The wideman has spent his whole career proving his doubters wrong. Given Zidane’s repeated insistence that Bale was surplus to requirements in the Spanish capital, it would be no surprise to see him producing sparkling displays on a regular basis this campaign. Even the gaffer would be glad to see his own predictions proved wrong.

Vinicius Junior (LW) – Wing trio Brahim Diaz, Eden Hazard and Rodrygo are all sidelined by injuries. On the one hand, that is a troublesome set of circumstances. However, it can be played to Los Blancos’ advantage if they help Vinicius’ development and offer him more time on the field.

Luka Jovic (ST) – This is clearly the match for new faces to be introduced to supporters at the Bernabeu. Let Jovic loose from the off and he could become an instant hero in Madrid; Valladolid are there for the taking and the Serb is lethal.


Mallorca Confirm Loan Signing of Heavily Hyped Real Madrid Youngster Takefusa Kubo

RCD Mallorca have confirmed the signing of Takefusa Kubo on a season-long loan from Real Madrid.

The 18-year-old Japanese international, who operates largely as an attacking midfielder but can play on the wings or up front, joined Los Blancos’ Castilla side this summer on a free transfer from FC Tokyo.

In an official statement, the club revealed: “RCD Mallorca and Real Madrid CF have reached an agreement for the transfer of Takefusa Kubo (Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan, 1998) until June 30, 2020.

“The new Mallorcan player is one of the most promising players in world football and stands out for his daring nature and great quality with the ball at his feet. Kubo suits the Spanish game perfectly after passing through the academy of FC Barcelona and at 18 he is already a bonafide international with Japan.

“Kubo will train with his new teammates tomorrow at 9:30 in Son Moix.”

Real Madrid also offered up a ‘comunicado oficial’ on the matter, blithely declaring: “Real Madrid C. F. and R. C. D. Mallorca have agreed to the transfer of Takefusa Kubo for this season, until June 30, 2020.”

Unsurprisingly, given his age and diminutive stature, Kubo has been dubbed the ‘Japanese Messi’ by some. He is the youngest player to make his debut in the J-League, doing so at 15 years, five months and one day, and became the youngest ever goalscorer just five months later. 

He earned his international debut at the age of 18 in July this year, during a friendly with El Salvador, and went on to play in every one of Japan’s group stage clashes in the summer’s Copa America.


The 10 Highest Paid Teenagers in World Football

A new report has emerged revealing the top ten highest paid teenagers in world football, with five entries from the Premier League featuring alongside four from La Liga.

In case you missed it, Jadon Sancho rose to the top of the list after ​agreeing a new £190k-per-week deal with Borussia Dortmund​ that will see him more than double his earnings, as the Bundesliga club successfully fended off interest from European sides.

With just under £10m set to be heading Sancho’s way each year in Germany, the ​Mail listed all the current footballing prodigies aged 19 and under who are earning big-money to ply their trade, which makes for rather interesting reading.

10. Takefusa Kubo – Real Madrid (£17k-per-week)


The Japanese sensation was was asked to join ​Barcelona’s famed La Masia youth academy back in 2011 and scored a frightening 74 goals in just 30 games during his debut season in Catalonia.

He was ineligible to join the latter stages of the youth academy after La Blaugrana had been found to have violated FIFA’s international transfer policy, therefore the youngster returned to his native Japan. Talent doesn’t stay hidden for long though, and in June this year Kubo signed with ​Real Madrid on a five-year deal worth £17k-per-week, placing the 18-year-old among the highest earning teenagers in world football.

9. Callum Hudson-Odoi – Chelsea (£22k-per-week)

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Its been widely documented that ​Bayern Munich were keen on signing the highly-rated ​Chelsea forward, which has prompted widespread talk of a bumper new deal for Hudson-Odoi.

Should that materialise as expected, then the 18-year-old will be seeing his name feature much higher up this list in the not too distant future, as ​​rumours circulate of a staggering £200k-per-week deal at Stamford Bridge.

If that comes to fruition, then it will absolutely dwarf his current earnings of £22k-per-week which, even now, are pretty decent figures given the relative inexperience of the emerging talent.

=7. Reiss Nelson – Arsenal (£30k-per-week)


Set to embark on a breakthrough season in north London, Reiss Nelson has entered the first-team fold under Unai Emery having spent last season on loan with Bundesliga outfit Hoffenheim.

Ahead of his season-long move to the German club, Nelson put pen to paper on a new long-term deal with ​Arsenal that saw him receive earnings of £30k-per-week.

Now just 19 years old, the winger will be looking to impress for the Gunners in the upcoming season as he battles it out with club-record signing Nicolas Pepe for a starting berth.

=7. Phil Foden – Man City (£30k-per-week)

Phil Foden

Another player who looks set to feature more regularly for his side this season is ​Manchester City’s Phil Foden. The local lad has risen through the ranks with the Citizens to break into the first-team fold, with Pep Guardiola recently handing the 19-year-old more frequent action in his star-studded side.

Having emerged as one of England’s finest young talents, City acted quickly to tie Foden down to a new deal last December that saw him scoop earnings of £30k-per-week.

His stock looks set to continue rising after Guardiola recently said of the midfielder to the ​BBC: “I have said many times in press conferences, but maybe not said it in front of him, Phil is the most, most, most talented player I have ever seen in my career as a manager.”

6. Moise Kean – Everton (53k-per-week)

Moise Kean

The ​Toffees spent big to lure the rising star of Italian football to Goodison Park this summer. Well, they deemed him a rising star, unlike ​Juventus, who felt they got a great deal by shipping out the 19-year-old to Merseyside for a deal that could rise to £37m.

In joining Everton the striker has become one of the world’s top earning teenagers, raking in somewhere around £53k-per-week.

He’s yet to get off the mark for Marco Silva’s side yet but they’ll be hoping for a decent return on a player who could end up becoming their record signing only behind Gylfi Sigurdsson.

5. Joao Felix – Atletico Madrid (£58k-per-week)

Joao Felix

One of the most sought after players in Europe this summer, the young Portuguese playmaker has been equally effective as a striker, which is why ​Atletico forked out a colossal £115m to bring the player to ​La Liga from Benfica.

A staggering fee no doubt, it was nevertheless expected for a player who notched no less than 15 goals and registered seven assists in the Primeira Liga last year, at only 19 years old.

Since earning his move to one of Europe’s finest, Felix is on a cool £58k-per-week, placing him in the top five earners of his age bracket.

4. Ryan Sessegnon – Tottenham (£70k-per-week)

​Spurs have been famously unwilling to pay their stars over the odds when it comes to weekly payments, with a strict wage structure having been instilled at the club for a number of years.

Their pursuit of Ryan Sessegnon had been rumbling on for some time, however, and there was no holding back in offering the 19-year-old a healthy salary of £70k-per-week to lure him to north London from Fulham this summer.

He tasted ​Premier League football for the first time last season with the Cottagers, but was unable to prevent them slipping back down into the second tier at the first time. Now he prepares for another crack at the top-flight.

3. Rodrygo – Real Madrid (£76k-per-week)


All the way up in third on the list is 18-year-old Brazilian sensation Rodrygo, who made the seamless transition from Santos to Spain for around £40m in June this year.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of former Santos resident ​Neymar, Rodrygo instead went the way of Madrid where he now earns £76k-per-week having put pen to paper on a six-year contract.

The forward has some way to go before usurping Karim Benzema, and indeed Luka Jovic, from the striker role but has plenty of years ahead of him to justify Los Blancos’ faith.

=1. Vinicius Jr. – Real Madrid (190k-per-week)

Vinicius JR

A certain Englishman may be top of the pile, but he’s joined by a fellow forward who is already beginning to show glimpses of his unquestionable talent in the Spanish capital.

If faith was shown in Rodrygo, then there must have been absolute certainty among the Madrid board when they made Vinicius the highest paid teenager in world football, handing the winger £190k-per-week wages.

That has naturally placed a lot of pressure on the former Flamengo forward’s shoulders, but he has already demonstrated on occasion his raw ability, with four goals in his debut season.

=1. Jadon Sancho – Borussia Dortmund (190k-per-week)

Jadon Sancho

Not to be undone by their Spanish counterparts, ​Dortmund too have sought pay exceptional money to one of their teenagers. Although, of the entire list, this is most certainly the most justified – even if it is the joint highest.

His previous contract, which ran to 2022, was believed to be worth around £75k-per-week, so a jump up to £190k-per-week isn’t something to be scoffed at. 

However, with 12 goals and 14 assists in 34 Bundesliga outings last season, and magic in his boots, that’s the price you pay to keep hold of exceptional talent.


Sergio Ramos: Amazon Prime Release Trailer for New Documentary on Real Madrid Captain

​Amazon Prime have released a trailer for an upcoming documentary based on the career and life of Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

The trailer reveals that there will be a focus on the events of last season, a miserable campaign for Los Blancos in almost every facet, while also delving deeper into the personal life of the controversial Spanish defender.

Created by Love Productions, the North American arm of the group who produced ‘The Great British Bake Off’, the documentary will be released as part of a series with six instalments, showing his daily life over the course of a year.

Released on Real Madrid’s ​official Twitter Page, the trailer for ‘Heart of Sergio Ramos’ will be released on September 13 on Amazon Prime.

Spain’s World Cup disappointment in Russia back in the summer of 2018 is thought to be the starting point for the show, with the documentary set to be an in-depth look into Ramos’ career for both ​Madrid, Spain and personally, similar to previous Amazon documentaries about footballers and their lives.

The 33-year-old has enjoyed a magnificent career at the Bernabeu spanning over 19 years, in which time he has won four Champions League titles, four La Liga crown, and two Copa del Rey honours. However, last season saw the club endure a disappointing season, most notably their collapse at home to Ajax in the Champions League


Speaking at the unveiling of the series, Ramos said: “I’m excited to be able to show football fans what it takes to be a professional athlete, the responsibility of wearing Real Madrid’s and Spain’s armband and how to juggle that with a normal personal life,” as relayed by ​Goal.


Transfer Rumours: Ivan Rakitic Juventus Swap, Spurs Duo Nearing Exit, Lemina to Monaco & More

​You’re not safe, none of us are. They’re still here and you can’t escape.

But it’s all good fun, of course it is, the wonderful world of transfer rumours!

That’s right, the #goss is back in all of its wonderful European glory. While on these shores we’re from guarded from the fear of our biggest rivals securing a big-name signing, the doubt still creeps in over whether some of our respective clubs’ main men may depart.

Or, there is a whole bunch of deadwood that may leave and nobody will bat an eyelid. Let’s find out!

Besiktas Reach an Agreement for Georges-Kévin Nkoudou

Georges-Kevin Nkoudou

Or at least, that’s what the translated version of ​TRT Spor suggests.

Something of a forgotten man for ​Tottenham (and that is putting it mildly), it appears as though French winger Nkoudou may be set for an exit from north London after three action packed seasons with the club.

Well, he actually only played 26 games for the club across four seasons, notching a solid one goal along the way, and spent last season on loan at Monaco where he made a stupendous three outings.

A player with ‘Turkey’ written all over him. And not because he’s traditional at Christmas or has a distinctive fleshy wattle or protuberance that hangs from the top of his beak.

Monaco & Southampton Edge Nearer Deal for Mario Lemina

Mario Lemina

A ‘desperate’ battle between Manchester United and Arsenal took place over the summer as both clubs (apparently) fought tooth and nail to secure ​Southampton‘s midfield dynamo Mario Lemina.

Make of that what you want, but it didn’t happen. Now, Monaco look increasingly likely to secure the former Juventus star on loan, after ​RMC Sport revealed the French side and Lemina had agreed on personal terms and salary demands to bring the midfielder to Ligue 1 on loan. 

All that remains now is for the Saints to green light the move, with a consensus on the amount of the mandatory purchase option not yet finalised, although a loan with an option to buy seems the likely conclusion of the gripping saga.

Eduardo Camavinga Wanted by European Elite


You’ll have seen it. Everyone has seen it. You’ve at least seen the assist, right?

At just 16 years old Camavinga not only started for Rennes in their win over Paris Saint-Germain, he was their win. Operating in a holding midfield role, the youngster bossed the Ligue 1 side and looked as assured and comfortable as a player ten years his senior. Therefore, naturally, ​L’Equipe have revealed all the big European sides are on lookout.

The likes of ​Manchester City​Arsenal and Spurs have all scouted him, while the other big names in European football are all keeping tabs on the Angolan whizzkid. The French publication claim next summer will see an almighty scramble ensue, which feels faintly reminiscent of a certain Norwegian starlet…

Ivan Rakitic & Emre Can Swap ‘Close’


Word coming out of Italy is that a straight swap deal between ​Barcelona and ​Juventus that would see Rakitic and Can trade places is moving closer completionafter officials from both clubs met at a summit.

A plethora of midfield talent has already walked through the door in northern Italy, but it seems as if the club are still looking to keep their numbers the same with this potential deal. It all comes from Tuttosport (via ​Mundo ​Deportivo) who state an agreement is in place between the two clubs.

That’s all well and good, but Rakitic has repeatedly spoken of his desire to stay in Catalonia and nothing has emerged from either camp to suggest this is the case. An interesting deal? Yes. A plausible one? No.

Club Brugge Looking to Raid Spurs for Victor Wanyama


With the English window still open, the ​Express claimed that ​West Ham made a bid to sign Victor Wanyama on loan, only for the deal to fall through ahead of deadline day. As English clubs are now unable to make any further additions, the same publication state that has prompted Belgian footballing giants Club Brugge (as seen in In Bruges) to make a bid to secure the 28-year-old.

While Wanyama wants to move, the issue is surrounding his wages. Currently on £65k-per-week and with two years remaining on his deal, the Belgian side may be priced out of a move. However, they do have cash to splash on the £18m-rated star after selling some of their key men for big figures. Wanyama still has some quality, but maybe its best summed up by Colin Farrell.

“You weren’t really sh*t, but you weren’t all that great either. Like Tottenham.”

Paris Saint-Germain Boss Eyes Real Madrid Stopper

Keylor Navas

It has been a fairly quiet window for goalkeepers, with little to no movement in that department. Step forward Thomas Tuchel. That’s right, the PSG boss has apparently lost faith in current number one Alphonse Areola, thus in turn has shifted his attentions towards ​Madrid‘s number two Keylor Navas.

That’s the news emitting from RCM (via ​AS), who also state that the German boss has asked his club to keep tabs on ​AC Milan’s Gianluigi Donnarumma, although the Costa Rican remains his main target.

Speaking after his side’s opening Ligue 1 defeat to Rennes, Tuchel said: “Will Alphonse come out? I cannot confirm it while the market is still open. Each player has to prove their quality, including Alphonse.”

Fairly worrying stuff for the French stopper.

Besiktas Set Sights on Huddersfield Striker Steve Mounie

Steve Mounie

It wouldn’t be an edition of the #goss if we didn’t include Huddersfield, would it?

Not content with just the aforementioned Nkoudou, the Super Lig club have serious interest in the Benin international forward, according to ​ExaminerLive.

Mounie has hardly justified his £11.5m price tag since joining the Terriers, notching a measly 11 goals in 63 outings, with his time in Yorkshire seemingly set for a swift exit. 

The 24-year-old really has ‘Turkey’ written all over him. And not because he’s traditional at Christmas or…Yeah let’s not go there again.


Brahim Diaz Suffers Fresh Injury Just One Week Into New Season

Real Madrid have confirmed that Brahim Diaz has suffered a muscular abdominal problem after the player underwent medical tests to ascertain the extent of a fresh injury. His recovery will now be monitored as he looks to get back into consideration as quickly as possible.

Brahim had the misfortune of picking up a thigh injury during pre-season and was nearing his return to action after returning to training last week, until this latest setback hit the 20-year-old.

Joseba Zaldua,Brahim Diaz

The Spain Under-21 international joined Real from Manchester City midway through last season in a deal believed to be worth up to €24m after add-ons.

He has so far struggled to establish himself in the Spanish capital, featuring in just nine of 21 possible La Liga games in his debut half-season. The player did appear in all of Real’s last six league games of a poor season, starting four of them, but results were poor.

With the club undergoing significant changes this summer, Brahim’s pre-season injury came at the worst possible time, especially with Marco Asensio’s absence lessening competition for places. This abdominal issue has only made it worse when he was ready to return.

Real kicked off the new La Liga season with a 3-1 away win over Celta Vigo on Saturday. Karim Benzema, Toni Kroos and Lucas Vazquez all scored for Los Blancos, but 2018 Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric was shown a red card early in the second half.

Zinedine Zidane,Brahim Diaz

Summer signing Eden Hazard was missing from the game after suffering a hamstring problem, while fellow new arrival Luka Jovic only appeared as a late substitute. Gareth Bale was a starter, despite his relationship with Zinedine Zidane seeming to completely break down this summer.

James Rodriguez wore number 16 on the bench but remained an unused substitute after returning from a two-year loan at Bayern Munich and Real so far failing to offload him.